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There is more to landscape maintenance in Sterling Heights, MI, than watering the grass and applying some fertilizer. It all starts with an assessment of your soil.


There is no doubt that trees add value to your Sterling Heights, MI, home or business. A thing of beauty, they clean the air and make your home more attractive.


Our tree maintenance services will keep the trees on your Sterling Heights, MI, strong and healthy. We can start providing tree service when a sapling is planted.

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Welcome to Tri-County Tree Experts Inc.

Offering residential and commercial services through Sterling Heights, MI, Tri-County is proud to provide you with any tree service you may require. From lawn care to tree removal and trimming, we will make sure that your property looks amazing.

At Tri-County, we know that your yard drastically effects curb appeal. Weeds mingling through the grass and trees with dead branches will make the entire property look tired, worn down and ill kept. However, our landscape maintenance services are designed to improve how your property looks and boost curb appeal. Whether you want guests to feel more welcome in your home or need customers to have more confidence in your business, trust the Tri-County tree company to make sure your property look great.

While we can remove trees that have died and are a potential hazard, our real focus is on tree maintenance. The trees throughout our lovely city of Sterling Heights, MI, add ambience and beauty to the fair city. They help clean the air, provide us with shade and create habitats for the wildlife. That’s why Tri-County Tree Experts focuses heavily on keeping the trees healthy and growing strong. Whether you want general landscape maintenance to keep the property tidy and attractive or tree maintenance to help the trees stay strong, our tree company is happy to address all of your needs.